Bülent Ahmet Turan, PhD Candidate

Moderator & Member of Working Group

Field of study & Affiliation: Turkish Literature, World Literature, Teaching Turkish for English Speakers, Bilkent University

I started my undergraduate degree at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Selcuk University. I graduated from the department in 2009 with my thesis titled "Analysis of the Three Novels of Sadık Yalsızuçanlar". Between 2011 and 2016, I gave various lessons about Modern Turkish Literature and Turkish teaching at various universities. I completed my master's degree in modern Turkish literature at the same university. My master's degree was on the stories and novels of Hasan Eskil, who wrote novels in the village novel and historical novel genres in Turkish Literature. After my master's degree, I received a full scholarship admission to the Turkish Literature Department of Bilkent University. During my doctorate education, I was accepted to the summer school organized by Harvard University in partnership with Lisbon University with my article "The Transformative Power of Music in Mehmed Rauf's September Novel". In 2016, I got my teaching formation at Gebze Technical University.

The World Literature Summer School that I attended in Lisbon in 2015 created a breaking point for my career. While I was doing text-based classical literature studies, I got to know Digital Humanities just after the summer school. It was exciting for me to see the limits of digital humanities, their literature, and their connections to language. Since then, I have been planning about various projects that have emerged at the intersection of literature, language, and digital humanities.


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E-mail: bulent.turan@dhturkey.org