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ESU 2021


The 13th European Summer University in Digital Humanities (ESU-2021) has announced schedules of project & poster presentations and lectures. The events will happen from 3 August to 13 August only online this year due to Covid-19. ESU-2021 will begin with an opening session on 02 August and will be hosting its participants, lecturers and experts from different fields of students and countries for two weeks. There will be eleven different workshops, which will be covering various DH methods, tools, technologies and programming languages, and the participants of the workshops will have a chance to improve their knowledge and qualifications as well as to create new networks and collaborations during the events. This year a group of moderators (Erdal Ayan, Derya Nuhbalaoglu, Nesibe Yazgan Uslu, Serhat Acar and Elif Demirel) from DH Turkey will participate in ESU-2021 and give a project presentation about our DH network, platform and digital short story archive. Our moderators Erdal Ayan, Derya Nuhbalaoglu, Nesibe Yazgan were awarded with DARIAH.EU scholarship for their participation. We appreciate the support of DARIAH.EU and the organization committee of the ESU-2021 .

ESU 2021 hosts important workshops, projects and some lectures about DH. You can register and access public events at this link Our moderators will participate in different workshops: Erdal Ayan will join Digital Archives: Reading and Manipulating Large-Scale Catalogues, Curating and Creating Small-Scale Archives  workshop made by Yael Netzer (Ben Gurion University, Israel). Derya Nuhbalaoğlu and Serhat Açar will join Hands on Humanities Data Workshop – Creation, Discovery and Analysis. Nesibe Yazgan Uslu will join Manuscripts in the Digital Age: XML-Based Catalogues and Editions workshop.


Drafted by Erdal Ayan & Nesibe Yazgan Uslu