Tuğba Şimşek, PhD/Research Assistant

Moderator & Member of Working Group

Field of study & Affiliation: English Language Teaching (ELT), Corpus Linguistics, Çukurova University

I have received my BA degree in English Language Teaching from Cukurova University, Turkey (2012). After working as an English Language Teacher for Ministry of National Education for 2 years in Turkey, I started my academic career at Cukurova University in 2014 as a research assistant.

As a young academic, I got highly interested in a field which was new for me: corpus linguistics. That’s why both my master’s and Ph.D. dissertations focused on using corpora in foreign language teaching. I have completed my master’s study in English Language Teaching at Cukurova University in 2015. I received my doctoral degree from Cukurova University in 2020 with my dissertation entitled “Corpora in Foreign Language Teacher Education: Introducing a Corpus Literacy Course to ELT Pre-Service Teachers”.

During my graduate studies, I lived abroad as an exchange student. I lived in Valencia, Spain for 5 months as a Ph.D. student in 2017-2018 and another 3 months as an English Language Teacher 2018. In addition, I lived in Bremen, Germany for 5 months as an exchange Ph.D. student in 2019.

Currently, I am based in Adana, Turkey working as a research assistant at Cukurova University and teaching “Introduction to Linguistics” and “Corpus Literacy in Foreign Language Teaching” courses. My research focuses on integration of corpora into foreign language teaching, increasing the awareness of pre-service and in-service English teachers on corpus literacy.

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E-mail: tugba.simsek@dhturkey.org